With "My XYZ's of Excellence" and this "One Day at a Time" course - You can become a successful Leader; One with Direction, and Purpose.

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Why Take This Course?

This course is built for the small business owner or maybe a big business team leader committed to becoming more successful. This course requires commitment. Only seriously committed people should proceed.

My course is a holistic transformative course designed to help you become a better, more successful leader. It was designed for you, business managers and small business owners willing to learn how to embrace behaviors which will train you to reject failure and become stronger leaders and team builders. As a wise man once said, "lead, follow, or get out of the way." Those prepared to lead, should get started now!

What people are saying about My XYZ's of Excellence

Why My XYZ's of Excellence

Karl L. Nielson, Esq

"The magic of J's book is that it is both specific and general at the same time. Even if you are not looking for great tips on how to improve your business, you will find great tips on how to live a better life and become a better person. And if you are looking for specific tips on becoming the entrepreneur you knew you always had inside you, then this book is truly for you. "Simply stated, you will be better for having read this book and for having implemented its keen insights. If you apply J's mantra of 'learn it, 'do it,' 'teach it,' his directives will come to life for you. "Having known J for many years now, you will not meet a more positive minded person. That he has shared many of the very personal insights that have made him that way demonstrates the kind of caring and insightful person he is. Enjoy the book."

Impression of "Day 1 - Assess and Acknowledge" module

Jennifer F. - Tacoma WA, USA

Your module is amazing. Really. It made me really think about myself and my strengths and weaknesses and made me accountable to myself about what I need to do to be better and do better...You did a really great job putting this together. Thank you for thinking of me. I’m sending this to my boys.

Impression of blog and "Day 1 - Assess and Acknowledge" module

Jamie C. Iowa, USA

Great blog with a lot of informative information if you are just starting or thinking about starting a new business. The first module really helps to make you think about what you are doing and work through the process that will lead to your businesses success.

Impression of "Day 1 - Assess and Acknowledge" module

Jordan D - Sparks NV, USA

Thanks for thinking of me for this evaluation of your new online course! You did a great job creating this and if the rest of the modules are as thought provoking as the first one was, it's going to be a great course..I thought this online course was enjoyable, easy to follow and something that really makes you think about yourself. I also appreciated the resources you provided to the strengths test and Evernote journal. I think that providing those resources keeps people engaged and provides them with the tools to continue to be successful during the rest of the online course.

Impression of "Day 1- Assess and Acknowledge" module

James T. - Las Vegas NV, USA

I like the format. I'm a big believer in the "show me" step. The format makes you take action not just read. I like the business blog. (https://jaepperson.com)

Impression of "Day 1 - Assess and Acknowledge" module

Jon H - Reno NV, USA

Well done. I’m ISTJ BTW. I look forward to to more reading and exploring your program.

Impression of "Day 1 - Assess and Acknowledge" module

Doug R - Reno NV, USA

Wow, that is very nice I took a look at the first module. Keep up the project.

I can do this, let me enroll in the entire course, now.

I'm ready to learn and change. I want to begin the course right now and become a successful leader in my business and my life. I will commit to spending time for next 26 days.


  • What makes this course different?

    My course on holistic transformative leadership helps business managers and small business owners learn how to embrace success building behaviors so they can reject failure and become leaders. Many courses try to share concepts and ideas but their materials are easily forgotten or placed in a file never to be seen again. By focusing on a more holistic approach to learning, "My XYZ's of Excellence, One Day at a Time" online course, shows you how to actually internalize 26 key business success concepts and make them a part of your very being.

  • How is a holistic approach to leadership and success training different?

    The key to permanent learning and personal change is to internalize key concepts and make them a part of your character. Each module in this "One Day at a Time" course contains "Learn it," Do it," and "Teach it" sections with thought questions, training videos, an ebook chapter of that day's "Learning," with exercises in "Do it" and "Teach it" sections to re-enforce the training video, a review quiz and more thought and reflection questions with discussion opportunities.

  • How Is it possible to change myself and become successful?

    By assessing and acknowledging who you are and what you want to become and then committing to reach that outcome. By accepting where you are today and building upon that foundation, "One Day at a Time." Internalizing key business concepts while learning, doing and teaching, you will create permanent habits of success. This course provides the resources for you to practice. The final outcome is up to you.

Course Instructor

J. Epperson

I am someone who has worked since I was ten years old, beginning with my father's family business and then moving on to large and small organizations in many industries. I have experienced firsthand the effects of both good and bad leadership. Fifty-seven years later, I know what works and what doesn't. I left the school of hard knocks to attend university and earned a bachelor's degree (BS) from Brigham Young University, Provo, UT; a master's degree (MBA) from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, CA. and have held professional licenses and certificates including Life and Health Insurance, NASD Series 6, 63 and 7, Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Healthcare Compliance and an AMA certified diploma in paralegal studies from American National University. I have presented at regional and national conferences as well as taught undergraduate courses in Management, Auditing, and International Finance. After all of that, I have come to understand that the principles I learned while working with my father are the "keys to success" in business and life. If you are willing to follow directions, do assignments and share these key concepts with someone, you will internalize them so that they will become a part of how you live your life each day. If you're looking to excel in your small business, I invite you to start your journey to greater success by enrolling and completing this course. Follow me at my blog site https://jaepperson.com for more cool stuff.