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Preview of "Day 1 - The Letter A - Assess and Acknowledge." This is a sample of the the first of 26 "One Day at a Time" course modules.

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    My XYZ's Free Day 1 - Sample Module

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    • Introduction: This course can change your life - Day 1 and Beyond

    • Sample of Day 1 - Lesson Objective

    • Sample of Day 1 - Pre Lesson Reflections

    • Sample of Day 1 - Lesson - Assess and Acknowledge

    • Sample of Day 1 - Do it Exercise

    • Sample of Day 1 - Follow-up Review

    • Sample of Day 1 - Food for Thought

    • Sample of Day 1 - Discussion

    • Sample of Day 1 - Additional "Assess and Acknowledge" resources

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This is a holistic transformative leadership course.

Created to help business managers and owners learn how to internalize success building concepts so they can avoid failure and become successful leaders.

What people are saying about My XYZ's of Excellence

Impressions of Day 1 - Assess and Acknowledge Free Module

Jordan D - Sparks NV, USA

Thanks for thinking of me for this evaluation of your new online course! You did a great job creating this and if the rest of the modules are as thought provoking as the first one was, it's going to be a great course..I thought this online course was enjoyable, easy to follow and something that really makes you think about yourself. I also appreciated the resources you provided to the strengths test and Evernote journal. I think that providing those resources keeps people engaged and provides them with the tools to continue to be successful during the rest of the online course.

Impressions of "Day 1 - Assess and Acknowledge" module

James T. - Las Vegas NV, USA

I like the format. I'm a big believer in the "show me" step. The format makes you take action not just read. I like the business blog. (https://jaepperson.com)

Impressions of "Day 1 - Assess and Acknowledge" module

Jennifer F. - Tacoma WA, USA

Your module is amazing. Really. It made me really think about myself and my strengths and weaknesses and made me accountable to myself about what I need to do to be better and do better...You did a really great job putting this together. Thank you for thinking of me. I’m sending this to my boys.

Impressions of "Day 1 - Assess and Acknowledge" module

Jon H - Reno, NV USA

Well done. I’m ISTJ BTW. I look forward to to more reading and exploring your program.